TMAT Supply Chain Efficiency Development

TMAT have recently combined the Despatch and Stores offices to create a Goods Control Team. The second phase of this development  is to create a Delivery & Collection Window System.

The Delivery/ Collection Windows concept works with Suppliers and Customers to create practices and efficiencies to ultimately achieve higher quality and service delivery.

How will this initiative affect Suppliers? – at the point of “order confirmation” a delivery date & time will be allocated.

The timings for receipt of deliveries will be:

6:30am – 9:30am Monday to Friday &

4:30pm – 6:30pm Monday to Thursday

How will this initiative affect Customers? – at the point of a confirmed collection the date & time will be determined and booked by our logistics team at TMAT.

We envisage this new process to start on 20 October 2014.

The Delivery/ Collection Window is one of a number of internal initiatives we are developing as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.