Multi-national manufacturer of acoustic components for tractors and excavators TMAT Ltd – which recently announced details of a record start to the year and plans to expand into Brazil – has appointed Viktoriya Brown as its first ever HR Manager.

The appointment comes as TMAT both significantly grows and diversifies its workforce to meet demand. TMAT will be looking to recruit more specialist technical staff, sales and account managers, as well as factory personnel.

With considerable growth and investment in personnel come both challenges and – more importantly – opportunities, such as recruitment, the development of talent within the organisation, putting staff members’ skills to the best possible use and training, all of which needs to be overseen and implemented by an experienced and talented HR Manager.

TMAT’S Financial Controller Laura Bawden said: “A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and Viktoriya has demonstrated to us that she has the talent and experience to help TMAT implement a robust HR policy with the aim of developing its employees to their full potential.

“There are some great opportunities to be had here at TMAT, both in Chesterfield and further afield in places like Brazil and Europe, and we are looking for the kinds of people that will take advantage of those opportunities for the mutual benefit of themselves and TMAT as a whole.”

TMAT recently announced details of a record start to the year, creating close to £2million in sales in January (£1million) and February (£900,000), smashing its own budgeted sales target for 10% growth by a further 10% in each month.

The business has a sales pipe line of some £4.5million and recently announced plans to expand into Brazil, setting up a factory there in anticipation of the planned infrastructure overhaul in the country ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. TMAT will retain engineering design and intellectual property at its Chesterfield site and believes that the Brazil opportunity could well create further UK jobs as its work in Brazil generates more demand upon specialist engineering resources.

TMAT is rare for having been one of the businesses that has thrived during the economic downturn. Its turnover has risen from £5m per annum to in excess of £10m since 2009 and TMAT aims to drive turnover to more than £20 million by 2015.