TMAT Involved in Local Employment Initiatives

TMAT Ltd has been involved in a recent local employment initiative which has been championed nationwide by Ingeus UK Limited.  Ingeus are the prime provider for the government’s flagship employability contract – “The Work Program”.

Carl Palmer – Production Manager represented TMAT Ltd at the Sports & Social Inclusion program which was held at The Proact Stadium – home to Chesterfield FC.  The project uses sport, particularly football and boxing to raise people’s self-esteem and motivation whilst at the same time delivering tailored employability support, which helps clients develop the skills they need, including teamwork, discipline, leadership and motivation.  The program was delivered by Ingeus along with sportsmen from Boxing -Glenn McCrory  (former British Cruiserweight Boxer) and from Football – Olivier Bernard (Former Newcastle Utd & French international footballer).  Carl presented the delegates with an insight into TMAT Ltd and the qualities that the business looks for when recruiting. He was pleased to be involved in the project and hoped that, on behalf of TMAT Ltd, he had contributed to the future successes of the candidates involved in the project.


Chesterfield FC_TMat

Olivier Bernard, Carl Palmer & Glenn McCrory – Sports Inclusion Program