Mark Fletcher MP enjoyed a visit to our factory on 20th August where he planted a Canadian Maple in recognition of our Anglo-Canadian partnership.  See below article which featured in Manufacturing Management.

Blachford UK offers factory, staff and resources in response to national COVID-19 effort

Blachford UK is offering its factory, people and resources to the national effort to fight the killer Coronavirus.

Jason Lippitt, Managing Director of Blachford UK

Production at the factory has now ceased. However, appeals from the government to manufacturers to assist with the UK effort has prompted Jason Lippitt, Managing Director of Blachford UK to offer the services of the company’s factory and staff.

He said: “We have a large production facility and a skilled workforce, including engineers, machinists and designers, that can all be utilised to manufacture goods and equipment that are critical to the NHS.

“If there are any companies out there, particularly those making PPE for NHS workers, we have staff and equipment at Blachford and we’d all like to help.”

The company has set up a dedicated email address during the crisis, to ensure that requests for help are answered immediately.

More than 100 people are employed at Blachford UK’s site in Holmewood, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

Jason added: “The company view is that we are all in this together and our staff want to help wherever they can to help the nation get fit and well and back to business. Blachford is a family and I am immensely proud of every member of staff for their support, not only for the company but the national effort to fight Coronavirus.”

Jason praised the government’s response to a national shutdown, saying: “The national shutdown I believe puts UK manufacturers in a strong position to recover business faster than many other countries. There is no doubt that UK manufacturing will face financial hardship over the coming months but, due to the nation’s collective shutdown, I believe the sector will be in an excellent position in a couple of years.”

Companies who are involved in producing essential supplies during the COVID-19 and would like to talk to Blachford should email

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Due to the rapidly worsening situation with COVID-19, strict controls have been implemented by governments across the world to limit the spread of the virus.

Our UK manufacturing facility is now closed until 6th April 2020. This may be extended further, and we will provide you with regular updates.

For the period from 25th March until 31st March, we will be operating a reduced Logistics Operation for shipping and receiving, and you should continue to use your normal routes of communication.

Our staff (Operations, Sales, Technical, Customer Service, Accounts and Purchasing) are working from home until the evening of 31st March 2020.

Further updates will follow for the period commencing 1st April 2020.

Please be assured, Blachford UK will continue to read communications from all stakeholders, and we will continue to communicate all our intentions regarding manufacturing operations and availability of staff during this difficult period.

New contact information will be issued where necessary.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

25th March 2020

Blachford UK success at Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon

Congratulations team! Seven members of the Blachford UK family successfully participated in this year’s Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon on Sunday 20 October – racking up an average time of 2:08:28 for the 13.1 mile course.
Boasting more runners than ever, Blachford UK was once again delighted to sponsor the Fun Run alongside fellow sponsors Redbrick and Peak FM which sponsored the 5 Mile run.

The three events attracted more than 1,500 participants – the biggest Chesterfield Half Marathon yet – and also helped raise thousands for good causes across the region. £40,000 was pledged in 2019 for charities including main charity partners – Chesterfield-based Ashgate Hospicecare and North Anston-based Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

A further donation is set to be given to both Ashgate Hospice & Bluebell Wood by Blachford UK following a Facebook competition asking people to guess the average time of Blachford runners in the Half Marathon. Neil Barstow was closest with his guess of 2:18:55 and nominated to have his £100 prize donated to the 2 charities.
Neil also helped raise further money by taking part in the Blachford Fun Run with his wife and two children. The Fun Run was open to people of all ages – and dogs!

As well as half marathon runners, Blachford employees and their families could be found throughout the route, both as competitors in the Fun Run and Five Mile Run and as volunteers on the Vicar Lane water station.
Managing Director Jason Lippitt, Jo Kisgory, PA to the Directors and Lisa Wibberley, Accounts Assistant all volunteered at the annual event, handing out water and shouting words of encouragement to the thirsty runners on a cold Sunday morning.

Jo said: “I volunteered on the water station last year and loved it. Someone handed me a megaphone to shout words of encouragement but this year they didn’t think I needed it! It was a fantastic day. The team and I all loved it in spite of the cold.”

And, despite competing last year, Jason was unfortunately unable to compete in the Half Marathon due to injury, but his wife Julie, stepped up in his place and did the Blachford team proud.

Blachford’s runners and times included:

Redrik Chesterfield Half Marathon
• Marc Slack – 1:41:44
• Ryan Phillips -1:55:05
• Graham Howland – 1:59:51
• Ian Roe – 2:05:40
• Paddy O’Donnell – 2:19:23
• Julie Lippitt – 2:28:45
• Paul Pearson – 2:28:48

Peak FM 5 Mile Run
• Connor Tolan, Junior Project Engineer: 40:05

Blachford Fun Run

• Neil Barstow, Materials and Planning Manager

As part of the preparations for the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon, an “after work” running club was established at Blachford and it paid off, with every member of the team finishing the race.

Jason commented: “The Redbrik Half Marathon is always a fantastic event and we’re proud to have been a part of it again this year. The sense of community in Chesterfield is amazing and we love the opportunity to be able to get involved with local events like this, particularly ones where the wide Blachford team can get involved. A huge well done to everyone who took part. It was a tough course.”

Logan Fairey was the winner of the 1KM Blachford Fun Run, which took place within the boundaries of Queen’s Park in tandem with the main event. Cohan Beatson, HR Advisor, had the honour of presenting the prizes for the Blachford Fun Run.

Anish celebrates gaining his Mechanical Engineering degree

Blachford UK’s Anish Vaghela is celebrating after gaining his Mechanical Engineering degree from Leicester’s De Montfort University.

Not only has Anish completed his degree but he has paved the way for degree apprenticeships at Blachford UK. His dedication, commitment and enthusiasm has prompted the company to recruit three degree apprentices who will be funded throughout their degree.

Anish (24) joined Blachford three years ago as part of a 12-month work placement during the third year of his degree.

“Work experience is key and the reason that I chose a university course that incorporated a year in industry. I wanted practical and relevant hands-on work experience which I knew would stand out alongside my degree on my CV,” explained Anish.

He impressed Blachford so much during his placement, that the company offered to employ him full time and fund the final year of his degree. He subsequently completed the final year of his degree part time, combining work and study, over two years.

“I was over the moon that Blachford wanted to hire me,” he said.

Beyond giving him a job, Blachford has helped shape Anish’s future career. “Before coming to Blachford I was set on becoming a design engineer. However, at Blachford I have had the opportunity to experience the entire manufacturing process from costing, process flows, design, logistics and safety standards, as well as be part of a number of major projects.

“I have discovered, through this, that I really enjoy process improvement. It is great to see a positive end result that benefits both our customers and the business,” he explained.

And that’s not been the only surprise for Anish since joining Blachford. “When I first came to Blachford I was really timid. I was mentored by Stephen Smith, who is a larger than life character, and he really brought me out of my shell. Blachford feels like a family. The company helps, supports, teaches and invests in you, which makes the 100 mile round trip to work every day more than worth it.”

Anish credits his grandfather for getting him interested in engineering. “My grandad was a mechanic and I spent a lot of time with him. I was always dismantling stuff to see how it worked and then trying to put it back together.”
Anish’s love of manufacturing design isn’t just confined to Blachford’s factory floor and office. He’s a 3D printing and remote control aircraft nut and he was able to combine his two passions for his final year project for which he received a first.

Anish has designed a 3D printed remote control aircraft. Never flown before, the aircraft is shortly set to take its maiden flight at Blachford’s Holmewood site in Chesterfield where it will be witnessed by colleagues.

If you’d like to see whether the plane flies, stay tuned to our social channels.

If you’re interested in finding out more about a degree apprenticeship at Blachford, then email Cohan Beatson (HR) at to request further details.

To learn more about what Blachford does, check out the Blachford UK channel on YouTube at


An open letter to schools, parents and young people

Frustrated by the lack of young people joining the manufacturing and engineering sector when they leave school, Jason Lippitt, managing director of Blachford UK has written an open letter to north east Derbyshire’s schools and young people.   As the managing director of a leading European manufacturer of acoustic and thermal insulation components , he shares his frustrations in this open letter over the disconnect between education and the manufacturing sector. He believes this is damaging both industry in the UK and young people’s workplace potential.

‘It may come as a surprise to young people and their teachers, but it’s not A grades or first-class degrees that are top of the list for many employers. I want to employ young people who have a strong work ethic, initiative and a desire to learn and get on and, I want to give them apprenticeships.

I run a successful manufacturing company in Chesterfield, but I rarely get speculative approaches from young people enquiring about apprenticeship opportunities. I know that Blachford is not alone in this.  This is why I am calling on all schools to position apprenticeships as golden opportunities for careers with all their pupils, regardless of how they perform academically.   Apprenticeships give young people both the qualifications and a head start on the career ladder. Better still, they are university debt free. With the right attitude there are no boundaries to career potential, particularly in the manufacturing sector.   Give me a young person who is keen to learn and progress, and I will ensure the Company invests heavily in their future. I will put them on the right apprenticeship path for them and happily fund their degree if that is what they choose.

Driven by the current skills shortage, the career opportunities for young people in the manufacturing and engineering sector are limitless.
There’s a current shortfall of 173,000 skilled workers as 89% of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) businesses struggle to recruit. The situation is getting worse as, with Brexit on the horizon, new STEM roles are expected to double in the next 10 years. We need school leavers now to fill these roles. These school leavers are the senior engineers, managing directors and business leaders of the future.

Schools, young people and companies in the STEM sector must talk to each other. Until then, neither the sector nor many young people in this country will reach their true potential.
If we do not collectively encourage young people to consider apprenticeships alongside A levels and university, we are risking the country’s economy. The engineering sector alone contributes more than a quarter of the UK’s total GDP. This figure is likely to rise in the face of Brexit however, with a skills shortage this sector cannot perform to its potential.
The lack of young people entering the STEM sector when they leave school is also, I believe, down to an outdated view the nation has of jobs in engineering and manufacturing. Jobs in these sectors were traditionally seen being dirty and hard. Thanks to technology, times have changed. The use of technology has also opened up more exciting and progressive career opportunities which are often hidden from view.

Walk around manufacturing and engineering companies today and the shop floor is only a small part of the business. Behind Blachford’s shop floor, we have laboratories, engineering workshops, IT, an international sales team, HR and finance departments – all offering a variety of roles for aspiring young people.
Don’t expect jobs like this to find you though. An internet search on a jobs’ website will not always reveal opportunities like this. You have to create them. Convince MDs like me that you could be their next employee. Be proactive and start with that speculative letter or email. I promise you it will open doors.

If you’re the parent, friend, teacher or relation of a young job seeker, I urge you to share this letter with them. I believe that in life we make our own opportunities and a career is no different.’

Jason Lippitt
Managing Director
Blachford UK

Blachford UK sponsors 2019 Redbrik Half Marathon Fun Run

Blachford employees put on their running shoes

Local manufacturer and employer, Blachford UK has confirmed its sponsorship of the 1km Fun Run at the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon for the second year running.
The family-friendly Blachford Fun Run will form part of the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon events on 20 October 2019, along with the Peak FM Five Mile Run and Pronto Paints Wellbeing Challenge. The Fun Run will be open to people of all ages – and dogs!
Starting at 9.40am, the Fun Run will start and end in Queen’s Park, with entry priced at £5.
Based in Holmewood, Blachford UK is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of noise reducing trim and insulation for industrial vehicles.
In addition to its sponsorship of the Fun Run, the firm will enter its own team into the event, as well as the Pronto Paints Wellbeing Challenge, Peak FM Five Mile Run and Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon, to help raise money for local good causes.
Around 1,500 people signed up to Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon events in 2018, almost double the sign-up total from the previous year.
The Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon has raised around £100,000 for good causes since its inaugural event in 2017, including for the event’s charity partners Ashgate Hospicecare and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.
Jason Lippitt, Managing Director of Blachford UK, said: “It’s a great honour to be part of the fundraising efforts to support local charities. Many of our staff live in Chesterfield so this is a great way for us to contribute to and get involved with the wider community.
“Many of the Blachford team are, once again, looking forward to pulling on their running shoes and taking part in all of the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon’s events, and to help raise more money for charity.”
Martin Ross, who took part in the 2018 Blachford UK Fun Run with his five-year-old grandson, said: “The 1km event last year was great fun and a good addition to the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon events.
“I’m looking forward to taking part again in 2019 and seeing the Fun Run help the Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon continue to grow into one of the region’s biggest mass-participation events. I’m sure my grandson will beat me again!”
John Timms, Event Director at Redbrik Chesterfield Half Marathon, said: “We’re delighted to have Blachford UK on board for 2019 after the success of the 2018 Blachford UK Fun Run.
“Partnerships with local businesses such as Blachford are crucial to us as one of the region’s fastest-expanding mass-participation events. The firm has good community roots and we’re excited to see this partnership continue to develop.”

Entries close to the Blachford Fun Run close online on Sunday 6 October, however entries will also be taken on race day before 9am. For more information or to sign-up, visit

Blachford UK appoints new NPI Project Manager

Blachford UK has appointed experienced project manager, Patrick O’Donnell to its management team.
Patrick joins the Chesterfield-based manufacturer of acoustic components for industrial and agricultural vehicles, as its NPI Project Manager.
Within his new role at Blachford, Patrick will be responsible for managing the implementation of all new products into the company. The newly created role is aligned to the company’s world class ambitions.
He brings an automotive engineering background to the role, having previously worked for a number of international vehicle technology companies. Having began his career as a CNC machinist before progressing to a design manufacturing engineer role, Patrick brings extensive shop floor and project management experience to the role.
He credits his career progression and personal learning, which began with an apprenticeship, with giving him a wider understanding and appreciation of the processes and roles of individuals involved
Commenting on his appointment Patrick said: “The opportunity to take a hands-on approach and be part of Blachford’s growth, development and industry innovation, not only attracted me to the role but also to the company.”
He added: “People are key to the success of Blachford and one of the reasons that the company is internationally renowned for innovation in the field of vehicle acoustics. I am delighted to now be part of the team.”
Outside work Patrick enjoys football, being a Sheffield United season ticket holder as well as managing his sons Under 8s football team, Woodhouse Juniors FC.
If you’re interested in becoming part of the Blachford UK team, contact us through our website.

Blachford Vice President to present at Industrial Vehicle Cab Design & Technology Conference

Blachford Acoustics Group’s Vice President of Research and Development, Charles Moritz, will be speaking at the IVT Industrial Vehicle Cab Design & Technology Conference at the IVT Expo 2019.

With a Master’s degree in Acoustics as well as being a member of the board of directors of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, and a US board-certified noise control engineer, Chicago-based Charles is one of the industry’s foremost acoustic experts regularly called on to present at international industry events.

The Industrial Vehicle Cab Design & Technology Conference is dedicated to next-generation cabin design and future technologies for industrial, commercial and off-highway vehicles.

The brand new conference for 2019 is hotly anticipated and expected to be a popular addition to the Expo.

Speaking from 11.45am – 12.15pm on Thursday 14 February at the conference, Charles’ presentation – Demystifying Cab Acoustical Material Selection – seeks to cut through industry jargon and give an overview of the various types of in-cab acoustic treatments, such as headliners, floormats, damping and other insulation. More importantly, he’ll be discussing what works and what doesn’t.

As part of his presentation he will share the basic acoustical formulas and material properties used by the industry to develop and optimise acoustical cab treatments for enhanced vehicle aesthetics, driver comfort and safety.

His appearance at the IVT Expo 2019 follows on from InterNoise 2018. Held in Chicago last August, Charles was the Conference President for the 47th International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering which was attended by more than 1000 people from over 40 countries.

As well as presenting, Charles will also be moderating at the two-day conference, being held in Congresaal 2 at Koln Messe.

He joins fellow moderators Tom Stone, editor of IVT International magazine, Michael Jendis Executive Director – mechanical engineering, electronics and project management at Preh GmbH and Alexandra Hermann, Director of Marketing and Communications at Fritzmeier CABS, during the two-day conference at the Expo.

In his role of moderator, Charles will introduce presentations from industry professionals, including Dr Kayhan Caliskan Design and prototype manager at Yaris Kabin, and Jonas Stallmeister Senior visual designer at Centigrade GmbH.

As well as presenting and moderating, Charles will also join Blachford on its stand in the main exhibitors’ hall at the IVT Expo 2019.  Charles will also be joining colleagues from Blachford UK who will be showcasing the latest technologies in polyurethane and elastomer acoustic barrier technology on stand 3010 at the show.

Charles Moritz Vice President R&D to deliver talk at IVT Cologne


Charles Moritz – Vice President R&D to deliver talk at IVT Expo Cologne

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Blachford team set to unveil latest enhancements in acoustic barrier technology at IVT Expo 2019

The Blachford UK team is all set to greet thousands of visitors at the IVT Expo 2019 being held at Koln Messe in Cologne, Germany, from 13 – 14 February 2019.

Organised by Industrial Vehicle Technology magazine, this is the first international exhibition to bring together the industrial vehicle industry and showcases the latest and next-generation components and technologies all under one roof.

Located on stand 3010, the Blachford UK team will be unveiling a number of new technologies in polyurethane and elastomer acoustic barrier technology at the show.

Developed in-house by Blachford’s own chemist Dr Ken Kendall, five brand new acoustic and thermal applications for industrial vehicles will be showcased at the Expo by Blachford, including:

  • Anti-scratch floor mats
  • Two colour floor mats
  • Polyethylene film floor mat protector
  • Embedding of electronics
  • Lightweight foam floormats for fork lift trucks

Jason Lippit, Managing Director of Blachford UK will be attending IVT Expo with Blachford’s Sales Director and Technical Directors, Patrick Thompson and Dr Ken Kendall respectively.

Jason commented: “As a leading UK designer, engineer and manufacturer of acoustic components for industrial and agricultural vehicles, we are delighted to bring these new technologies to the IVT Expo. The applications have all been developed following feedback from the customers of vehicle manufacturers. We are confident our latest floor mat enhancements will add value to vehicles.”

Alongside the new floor mat technologies being unveiled at the Expo, Blachford will be showcasing its full range of polyurethane and acoustic products.

Jason explained: “Although there are no full vehicles allowed at the show, we have developed our own display frame to show the range of solutions we produce at Blachford which are designed to deliver the best possible cab acoustic performance.”

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