TMAT Ltd, a multi-national manufacturer of acoustic components for tractors and excavators, held an inspirational talk to its apprentices and mentors to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week.

TMAT’s MD Jason Lippitt has been instrumental in ensuring every employee has the opportunity to improve their business and personal skills through training, mentoring and coaching. Twenty employees are enrolled in apprenticeship schemes at present covering Business Administration, Management Level 3, Warehousing, Electrical and Team Leader Level 2.

Jason addressed his team of apprentices reflecting on his own experience as a young man. He was given the opportunity to grow and develop by an employer and although Jason had never completed an official apprenticeship he was very lucky to be coached and mentored and learned a lot.

The apprentices were advised that knowledge and learning creates wealth. As the apprentices develop it contributes to the success and wealth of the business and its employees which in turn contributes to the wealth of the country.

TMAT encourages investment in people as they are the future. It’s vital to a business to have a succession plan and develop good knowledgeable employees that can eventually follow in the footsteps of today’s business leaders.

Jason Lippitt pledged to TMAT’s apprentices: “TMAT will not fail you.” He continued, “Mentors, it is time to ‘get with apprenticeships’ and nurture the young talent you are responsible for, as the future is literally in your hands. A mentor’s responsibility is to support, encourage and lead their apprentices to success, do not fail them.”