TMAT launches an Environmental Team

As part of a continuous improvement, sustainability and cost reduction programme TMAT has this week created and launched an Environmental Team.

The aim of the team will be to look into sustainable projects that create savings and add value to the way TMAT operates.  The team activities will develop into practices that will complement  ISO 14001 standard and process. Chaired by Tim Bridle (Supply Chain Manager), the team consists of Stephen Smith (Engineering & Site Services Manager), Claire Bartram (Quality & Environmental Engineer), Anna Kakel (Sales Office Admin) and Jo Kisgory (PA to MD).

The team are currently looking at an Energy Awareness Campaign along with Waste.

Jason Lippitt – Managing Director said that “The TMAT Management Team  support the new team and their commitment to protecting the environment and fully encourage their aim to be at the forefront of good environmental practice, by understanding the impact the business has on it’s surroundings and the wider community.”


TMAT Environmental Team

TMAT Environmental Team