Anish celebrates gaining his Mechanical Engineering degree

Blachford UK’s Anish Vaghela is celebrating after gaining his Mechanical Engineering degree from Leicester’s De Montfort University.

Not only has Anish completed his degree but he has paved the way for degree apprenticeships at Blachford UK. His dedication, commitment and enthusiasm has prompted the company to recruit three degree apprentices who will be funded throughout their degree.

Anish (24) joined Blachford three years ago as part of a 12-month work placement during the third year of his degree.

“Work experience is key and the reason that I chose a university course that incorporated a year in industry. I wanted practical and relevant hands-on work experience which I knew would stand out alongside my degree on my CV,” explained Anish.

He impressed Blachford so much during his placement, that the company offered to employ him full time and fund the final year of his degree. He subsequently completed the final year of his degree part time, combining work and study, over two years.

“I was over the moon that Blachford wanted to hire me,” he said.

Beyond giving him a job, Blachford has helped shape Anish’s future career. “Before coming to Blachford I was set on becoming a design engineer. However, at Blachford I have had the opportunity to experience the entire manufacturing process from costing, process flows, design, logistics and safety standards, as well as be part of a number of major projects.

“I have discovered, through this, that I really enjoy process improvement. It is great to see a positive end result that benefits both our customers and the business,” he explained.

And that’s not been the only surprise for Anish since joining Blachford. “When I first came to Blachford I was really timid. I was mentored by Stephen Smith, who is a larger than life character, and he really brought me out of my shell. Blachford feels like a family. The company helps, supports, teaches and invests in you, which makes the 100 mile round trip to work every day more than worth it.”

Anish credits his grandfather for getting him interested in engineering. “My grandad was a mechanic and I spent a lot of time with him. I was always dismantling stuff to see how it worked and then trying to put it back together.”
Anish’s love of manufacturing design isn’t just confined to Blachford’s factory floor and office. He’s a 3D printing and remote control aircraft nut and he was able to combine his two passions for his final year project for which he received a first.

Anish has designed a 3D printed remote control aircraft. Never flown before, the aircraft is shortly set to take its maiden flight at Blachford’s Holmewood site in Chesterfield where it will be witnessed by colleagues.

If you’d like to see whether the plane flies, stay tuned to our social channels.

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